"Thanks so much for getting my ponies home safe and sound. It was a great experience. You both were expert handlers of the horses and us during our first Florida trip."- Donna & Kevin

Where do you specifically ship to?
Northeastern and Southern States
Central states, East of the Mississippi River.
Lower Eastern Canada: Ontario and Quebec.

How do I schedule transportation?
To be listed on our schedule please call or email

for a quote and possible dates

What paper work do I need for my horse to travel?
Health paperwork changes from state to state.

Please click here for the most up to date requirements
In general though, you will need a current Coggins, Rabies and

recent health certificate. Original copies are preferred as some

states require it. These will be returned to you when the horse reaches its destination.

Horses traveling to and from Canada may need additional paperwork to cross the border.

Can I send grain for my horse to eat while traveling?
Unfortunately no. Grain may cause unexpected health concerns while in transit. We are happy to provide hay or you may provide your own.

How often will you stop and check on my horse?
This can vary depending on the length of the trip. On average though, every 4-5 hours. Horse will be offered water and chance to relax and urinate. Hay bags will be refilled if needed.

What types of payments do you accept?
Credit Card (Visa or Master), cash, money order, cashier’s check and PayPal.

Should I wrap my horse’s legs?
This is up to you. We strongly recommend using shipping boots vs wraps. Wraps can come loose and become entangled in your horse’s legs. For safety and liability reasons we will not re-apply any wraps that fall off.

Can I send my tack and equipment with you?
We can take a reasonable amount of tack and equipment with us. We strongly recommend packing your items in a plastic container for the trip. They are much less expensive to replace should anything “shift” during transit.

Should I blanket my horse?
It is strongly recommend that you don’t. It is easier for a horse to regulate body temperature in colder weather than in hot weather. The trailer is also insulated and will stay warm from body heat. It is also well ventilated and windows can be opened for air circulation in warmer weather.

Will my horse be insured?
It is up to you if you want to insure your horse for the duration of the trip. Check our links page for affordable insurance options.

Do you take special requests?
We will make every effort to honor any special requests you make for your horse.

How much notice do you need?

As much as possible but we would prefer at least 2 weeks unless it’s an emergency. We are a small shipping company which allows us to be flexible but we like to book as many horses as possible per trip to help keep our costs low and our rates competitive.

How often do you communicate with the owners?
Most communication will be done half way through the trip depending on the duration. We will frequently “check-in” on Facebook as we progress so don’t forget to like us!

What if there is an emergency?
If there is an equipment emergency you will be notified immediately and updated routinely of any delays to the destination.
If it is a horse related emergency a veterinarian will be contacted first and put into action and you will be notified immediately after. Please review your shipping contract for details and to provide emergency contact information.